Useful ideas

16 cozy ideas that will inspire the cracking and transformation of the balcony


It is worth admitting that most of us use the balcony as a garbage bin. The remains of building materials, banks, old things are sent there, which are pitiful to be thrown away, but you no longer use them for their intended purpose.

And so you want the balcony or loggia to look like the pictures from interior design magazines. All in your hands. You just need to look at the trash from a different angle and arrange your corner of the oasis in the house.

1. Lemon freshness

Open balcony with yellow accents.

Of course, you cannot sit on the open balcony in the winter cold, or in the summer. As you understand, now is the time to design your own balcony. First get rid of the trash and put in order the finish. Put a small table in a bright shade, one or several folding chairs, several sofa cushions. Fill the atmosphere with small objects of decor and flowers in pots.

2. Modern elegance

Elegant loggia in neutral colors.

This fantastic loggia in white, divided into two functional areas: working with a table and shelves and a lounge with a bar and dark brown chairs. The atmosphere is completed with thick beige curtains.

3. Rustic style

Rustic style balcony.

Magnificent loggia with brickwork on the walls, panoramic windows, a large comfortable chair and a compact table made from saw cut wood. Graphic-style paintings, lamps and a flower pot complete the interior, making it stylish and complete. In our opinion, in such an atmosphere it will be pleasant to spend time regardless of the weather and the season.

4. Hammock

Small balcony with hammock.

Imagine using only one item you can create a fabulous comfort and coziness on the balcony. And this item is a hammock. Pay attention to non-standard, colored models, macrame and fringe. Complete the furnishings with lots of greenery in pots.

Minimalistic balcony in a nautical style.

The laconic narrow loggia with white trim, high window sill, bar stools and a compact sofa with a bright blue seat are a perfect example of creating a comfortable space with minimal investment.

6. Large sofa

Balcony with a large sofa.

A spacious enough loggia, the star of which was a large corner sofa made of wooden pallets. On the floor you can lay a carpet of rich green color.

Note: furniture from pallets has long been transferred from the category of industrial products to the category of trends. Professionals in the field of furniture manufacturing admit that they are not surprised at all, because cargo pallets are most often produced from high-quality wood, and the period of their use for their intended purpose is quite small. As a result, mountains of pallets accumulate among construction workers. In order not to wait until they are taken for recycling, they are sold at a big discount to designers and artisans.

7. Provence

Provence style balcony.

This standard balcony is a great example of how to do this small space with your own hands and without great expense. For its arrangement you will need the simplest bench, several soft furniture linings and a small table. To complement the entourage will help you woven products made by hand: a pouf, a rug, wicker napkins and bright pillowcases.

8. Glamor

Balcony in girlish style.

Glamorous space, decorated in pale pink tones without any frills. From the furniture here is only a tiny sofa and a minimalist table. To create an atmosphere used lighting, painting, decorative lighting and a vase.

9. Perspective

Infinite loggia space.

Anyone who wants to at least visually increase the area of ​​their balcony, we recommend that you look at the photo wallpaper. With their help you can literally erase the walls and create the illusion of infinite space.

10. Rest room

Bright room on the balcony.

With the help of properly selected furniture and finishes, you can create another full room on the balcony. A striking example of this is the loggia, decorated in white and yellow tones, with a coffee area, large closet, carpet, greenery and original lamps. It's nice to spend days and evenings in a place like this regardless of the season outside the window.

11. Meeting place

Balcony with a sofa for a large company.

A modern loggia with stonework on one of the walls, an original table and a soft corner sofa, will become a favorite place for cheerful gatherings with friends.

12. Magic blinking

Open balcony with original lighting.

The simplest design of an unglazed balcony, in which it was possible to create a cosiness with the help of fixtures-garlands, filling the space with soft diffused light.

13. Green oasis

Shelving for plants on the balcony.

In the summer, an open balcony can be turned into a place to relax and a real blooming oasis. To do this, you will need a high rack, which you can make your own hands from metal slats, or purchase a ready-made one. Screw the rack to the wall, fill it with pots with your plants, put a wicker chair in the corner of the balcony and get ready to enjoy the warmth and magical aromas of greenery.

14. Green lawn

Green lawn on the balcony.

Want to diversify your city life? Turn your balcony into a bright lawn. To do this, paint the railing in a bright color, cover the floor with a carpet that mimics the lawn, set up a light table and a few chairs, you can even put on a beach umbrella. Complete the decor with colorful shelves, original pots of flowers and cute paper garlands.

15. Botanical Garden

Botanical garden on the balcony.

A narrow loggia with cream finish, pictures of plants on the wall and a small sofa, immersed in the greenery of tall indoor plants, will be a great place for a secluded rest of an introvert who loves nature.

16. Classic

Stylish and laconic design of the loggia.

Stylish and laconic design of a standard narrow loggia, built on the principle of contrasts. The white finish here highlights the color of dark pieces of furniture.