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15 original and practical shelves for the kitchen, which perfectly optimize the space


Closed hanging cabinets are far from the only design option for kitchen furniture.

In recent years, open shelves have become fashionable. In the interior of the kitchen they look more than original.

In addition, open shelves are the ideal solution for a small kitchen that allows you to visually enlarge it.

1. From the living room to the kitchen

Open shelves in the kitchen.

Rectangular shelves for various small things - the usual solution for the living room or bedroom. But in the interior of the kitchen, they will be appropriate. The effect of surprise is guaranteed: such shelves can become the highlight of a standard kitchen. Just hang them in a chaotic manner on one of the free walls.

2. Shelves instead of lockers

Kitchen set with open shelves.

In the kitchen there are many things that are worthy of attention. Shiny metal pans, bright ceramic cups, towels with patterns - all this can and should be shown on the open shelves. But every hostess has a favorite old utensils, the reliability of which has been tested over the years. It does not look the most aesthetic way. Therefore, such things are better to hide in a closed box in the bottom of the furniture. Therefore you should not order a kitchen set, which has no drawers with doors at all.

3. Air shelf

Hanging shelf in the kitchen.

A hanging shelf is a rational idea for a small kitchen where every square centimeter of square is expensive. If you failed to find a shelf for sale that is attached to the ceiling, then make it yourself. You will need a metal basket, several chains and a bracket that needs to be fixed on the ceiling.

4. Functional rails

Rails that replace the open shelves in the interior of the kitchen.

Rails in the kitchen - always a practical solution. The lightness of the design allows them to be used even in small-sized rooms: they do not look massive, but they are durable and functional. Rails with hanging shelves for them can be bought in stores selling household goods. The variety of their shapes and sizes will allow you to choose a design that fits perfectly into any interior.

Shelves in the kitchen.

Shelves located along the inner perimeter of the kitchen are an unusual solution for a medium or large kitchen. Indeed, in the process of cooking the housewife will probably need various trifles, for example, jars of spices. It is enough to lend a hand without moving away from the plate - and the necessary thing is already at your disposal.

6. New life of old boxes

Shelves of wooden boxes.

Open shelves in the interior of the kitchen, made by hand, look no less impressive than those bought in the store. Wooden boxes can become available material for their production. Just fix them on the wall in random order. But do not forget that the kitchen is a room where all the objects in it are constantly subjected to real strength tests. Temperature drops, humidity, evaporation ... Therefore, the boxes must be covered with a layer of protective impregnation for wood.

7. Place under the windowsill - in the case

Shelves under the windowsill.

Often, the planning of the kitchen provides for the location of the batteries not under the windows, but in other places. In this case, it is worth thinking about how to equip the shelves under the window sill. If the window sill is of sufficient width, then the shelf is located directly below it. With a narrow windowsill, it is better to choose a shelf, the upper part of which becomes its continuation.

8. Universal mini shelf

Laconic open shelf.

A small open shelf, which is a plane on a small mount-stand, can be used almost in the forehead of the kitchen. The original option is to locate such a shelf in the kitchen apron area. After all, this space is often empty.

9. Everything in sight

The rack in the interior of the kitchen.

Even in the smallest kitchen, one of the walls is often empty. So why not use this space to good advantage? For example, put a high and roomy floor-to-ceiling rack near this wall. Such furniture not only looks unusual, but is also functional. On the shelves are many of the necessary details, to find that is not difficult.

10. Angle contrary

Corner shelf of unusual shape.

Shelf enveloping external corners is a non-standard solution for open-plan apartments, for example, studio type. This shelf will allow you to visually combine the interior of the kitchen and living space. The shelf functionality is determined by its width. A narrow model is suitable for placing the decor, and wide - various kitchen utensils.

11. Metal and glass

Modern kitchen shelf.

Spacious metal and glass shelves look impressive. In addition, they are very practical. After all, mobile facades can partially hide the contents of the shelves. At the same time, the furniture looks light and airy, which is especially important for a small kitchen.

12. Secret Shelves

Hidden shelves in furniture.

The presence of such shelves in the kitchen furniture can be seen immediately. After all, the material of the kitchen apron and the door that hides them are made of the same material. Such furniture with hidden shelves will surely appeal to lovers of concise and discreet design.

13. Let there be light

Glass shelves with light.

Tempered stack shelves withstand heavy loads. But it will be more aesthetic to use it to place the decor or the most beautiful tableware. An additional decoration of this shelf becomes integrated lighting. As lighting devices for such shelves, spotlights or LED strip are used.

14. A convenient place for pans.

Shelf for large kitchen utensils.

Storing pans can be a little tricky due to the irregular shape of such dishes. After all, they occupy a lot of space, which is difficult to find in a small kitchen. The solution could be a hanging shelf with hooks attached at its bottom. This regiment will fit perfectly into the interior in the style of country or loft.

15. Shelf on the worktop

Miniature shelf for kitchen trivia.

Additional shelf, standing on the tabletop, will never be superfluous. Indeed, most often this surface is used only partially. In addition, this shelf will allow you to collect all the little things in one place, so that the kitchen will look neater.