Useful ideas

10 ridiculously simple life hacking, which will help to quickly clean up the house


Why waste time on boring cleaning if you can make your life a lot easier?

Proper organization of the house with the help of surprisingly simple tips will help save nerves, reduce the list of tasks and add free space for each of the rooms.

The ideal order before the holiday and on weekdays is a balm for the soul for any housewife.

Things in the hallway or hall

It will take quite a bit of effort and creativity for the author's shelves to decorate the corridor.

Narrow corridor, little space and the constant presence of a large number of things? Hats, outerwear, shoes, umbrellas and other necessary things for going outside are stored here. How to quickly put it all in order? To build simple wall shelves or cells that will help to streamline things and add originality to any interior. On separate shelves, you can make an inscription for each family member - so they will have personal storage space. It also looks pretty cute.

2. Baskets for Christmas decorations

Compact, convenient and very simple in design.

On the eve of the New Year and after it, a reasonable question arises: how to store Christmas-tree decorations and other holiday attributes with convenience and minimal space costs? An excellent solution would be to buy decorative baskets or make containers similar to them. Christmas toys should be hung on a wooden holder and fastened to the top of the plastic container, then there will be a place for things, garlands, rain and other Christmas decorations at the bottom.

3. All wires under control

Oh, how good it is when all the wires are laid compactly.

There is a smile and calmness on the face, but in the soul almost everyone struggles with irritation because of wires lying around anywhere. A fan, an electric kettle, a heater, or even an extension cord - the wires are everywhere and always interfere. To end this problem once and for all, use velcro. One such strip should be attached to the wall or to the device itself, and the other to the wire, then at the right time it can be easily folded up and fastened compactly. Voila, order again with us.

4. All the little things - on the wall

One wooden board and a small lace work wonders.

A small wooden panel, an unnecessary piece of laminate or something else that may occur to you, in order to make the original holder on the wall. To each edge of the wooden panel you need to attach a strong cord or rope that can be nailed. Now on it numerous points, scarves, belts, earphones or other accessories will easily be hung out.

5. Reforms in the children's room

No accidents on the apartment.

From the moment of birth of the child and up to its relative adulthood, mothers are not insured against anything. At any moment they can step on toys scattered on the floor and pass the test of their patience. To reduce the risk of injury to a minimum, an original storage place can be arranged for some toys. Some magnetic strips need to be fixed on the wall, then all the iron cars and other small objects can be attached to them. The child will like a non-standard idea, and parents order.

6. Wooden lattices

Creative solution for soft or aerial criminals.

Another useful tip for a child's room, which is also well suited for cleaning the free space in the garage. Who has a lot of soft toys or sports equipment, a great solution would be to create a small fence made of wooden rods. The fence is easy to make yourself, and you can put anything into it. Finding things will be much more convenient.

7. Folding wall table

Convenient and multifunctional solution for any room.

A special table on the wall will help to save more space in small rooms. In fact, this is a small box with a hinged door that turns into a work surface. On the shelves inside you can store essentials. This idea can be used in the kitchen for spices, in the children's room for drawing, in the bedroom for storing cosmetics, etc.

8. Organization of CD-racks

Everything convenient new is a long forgotten old.

CDs are long gone, but coasters for them are still stored in many homes. So that they do not gather dust somewhere in the attic or in the far corner of the room, you can find useful applications. Namely: send to the kitchen cupboard where it will be possible to store lids for plastic containers or plates in them. They properly organize the space and help you quickly find the necessary utensils.

9. Numerous boxes

Are you still throwing boxes? Then you get useful advice.

Empty boxes of cereal, cereal or other bulk products should not be thrown away. If they are cut and put in a box, you can easily and conveniently place all the small things. By dividing items into different categories, you can significantly save time on finding the right thing. Yes, and everything will look much tidier.

10. Book for cards

Useful inventions for storing memorabilia.

To postcards, awards and other cute gizmos do not gather dust in different corners of the room, you can think of a beautiful container for them. A few boxes glued together or a special book with envelopes will fit.