Useful ideas

15 simple and effective tricks that will instantly bring perfect order


Nothing spoils the harmonious atmosphere in the house, like various little things scattered throughout the apartment.

But, unfortunately, there is not enough space to store them. Do I have to put up with the constant mess?

It is not necessary at all. We share a selection of simple ideas that will help get rid of chaos in a matter of moments.

1. Orderly work with pleasure

Proper organization of the workplace.

A workplace that is carefully ordered and adapted to the neat storage of office supplies will help to tune in to the business mood. It is enough to fix a small bar with hooks on the wall, on which you can hang different containers. Several boxes, fixed on the wall, will solve the problem of storing documents, which tend to accumulate on the table.

2. A useful window in the kitchen

Storage dishes on the window.

In a small kitchen, it is important to rationally manage every square centimeter of space. But the space near the window is often empty, although there can be placed a lot of things. For example, hanging pots and pans on a horizontal bar. After all, places for their organized storage are sometimes so hard to find.

3. Shoes are fine

Storage system of pipes will help to clean up the corridor.

Plastic tubes can be components of a shoe storage system. Simply cut the pipes into lengths of 45-50 cm, and glue them together with building glue. Then collect their elements obuvnitsu desired shape and size. The advantage of this design is that it can actually be placed even in a small corridor, where there is one free corner.

4. Saving boxes

Boxes will help to clean up the house.

As practice shows, a lot of boxes do not exist. For each of them there is something that needs to be hidden from prying eyes. Things of different colors and shapes, lying on the shelves, create the impression of chaos. But it is necessary to put the same boxes on the shelves and put all the little things in them - and the room will get a neat look.

Boxes inside the drawer for storing small items.

Boxes, despite their spaciousness and functionality, often become the site of a chaotic accumulation of things. All objects, at first neatly folded, are intermingled with each other, and it is not possible to find the right one among them. To solve this problem will help small containers or boxes placed inside the box.

6. Mini hammock for your favorite pictures

Storage of small things in the workplace.

Each of us has favorite pictures and photos that are a source of inspiration and uplifting. Therefore, hiding them in a photo album or a distant box is a real crime. Make an original retainer for them. Glue or fasten gum to the large wooden frame. Under these gum, place your favorite pictures. It is better to hang them above the desk - so they will become a source of inspiration during the labor process.

7. Neat entrance hall - business card at home

Putting order in the hallway.

Hallway unfairly pay little attention. Although it is guided by the first impression of her guests decide whether they like the atmosphere in the house. A wide bench that fits even into a small hallway solves several problems at once. Under it, place a few boxes for small items, thereby making the storage system of the bench. Put the decor on the seat, and the bench will also decorate the hallway. Do not forget to leave some free space for sitting on the bench: after all, no one has canceled its direct functions. All the little things collected in the hallway in one place will make it more accurate.

8. Places for cutlery

Organized storage in the kitchen.

Cutlery lying together in a common drawer is not the most convenient solution. In addition, in the horizontal position, numerous devices occupy much more space in the drawers than in the vertical. Solve the problem will help a special storage system. Prepare a board according to the size of one of the deep drawers in the kitchen furniture and make several holes in it corresponding to the diameter of the tin can. It remains only to put the board in the box and put the jars in the holes made.

9. Order for ladies' trinkets

Storage system for ladies trifles.

All the fair sex - a huge number of little things that are constantly accumulating exponentially. Some of them can be decomposed into boxes, but what to do with those that should always be at hand? Make a cute organizer of a piece of cork wallpaper and scotch tape reels. Just stick the coils on the cork. If desired, such a storage system can be additionally decorated, for example, with loose glitter planted on glue.

10. Memories desk for wine lovers

The idea of ​​storage of traffic jams.

Memories desk in English means "memory board." On such a board, assembled from wine corks, you can post checks, reminders, notes and other necessary pieces of paper. Simply glue the corks with silicone glue to the plywood. If there are too few traffic jams, cut each of them into two parts.

11. New life of old folders

Organizers for trivia from folders.

Another original way to organize the little things that constantly accumulate on the desktop is to use old plastic folders with latches. To make the parks look more beautiful, they can be decorated with the help of pieces of old wallpaper or fabric. To keep textiles or paper firmly in place, use large pieces that go to the back of the folder.

12. A rug-bag for a clean nursery

The bag rug will help to bring order to the nursery.

Original and convenient mats bags can be purchased at online stores specializing in the sale of goods for children. If such a thing could not be found, then sew it is not difficult. You will need a thick fabric and durable cord. From the fabric, you need to cut a circle of suitable size and sew a strip of fabric from both sides along its edge. It remains only to thread in the fabric "tunnel" cord, and carpet carpet is ready.

13. Tuning for regular box

Convenient storage box for women's trifles.

A regular box may not be convenient enough to store women's trifles. Indeed, in the general department, they are intermingled with each other, and the search for the necessary subject is complicated. To make storage of women's trifles more organized, glue or sew a few pockets on the sides of the box.

14. Mobile boxes on wheels

Using the space under the beds for storage.

Old boxes from furniture that has already outlived its own, use to create mobile storage systems. It is enough to fasten small wheels to the drawers, which can be bought in the furniture store. The ideal place to accommodate such storage systems will be the free space under the bed. Boxes can be loaded to the full - in fact, to get them, thanks to the presence of wheels, is very simple.

15. Bottle and bottle - in places.

Storage of small things in the bathroom.

The bathroom inevitably accumulates a lot of bottles and bottles with cosmetics. The abundance of multi-colored containers, placed on the sides of the tub and sink, looks inaccurate. The solution to the situation will be miniature shelves that fit perfectly even in a small room. It is necessary to put all the bottles, bottles on them - and the room will change.