Useful ideas

Great kitchen tips that will always come in handy.


Almost every day in the kitchen, we are faced with certain problems.

In this case, we do not even guess that they can be solved thanks to ingenuity.

This article presents some simple tips that will help everyone cope with the tricky tasks in the kitchen.

Eat First Basket

Often we throw away spoiled or expired food, which is lost in the back of the refrigerator. Create a basket for products that will expire soon.

Perfect piece of cake

To cut off the perfect piece of cake, hold the knife under hot water. Then the knife will not get stuck and stick to the cake.

How to make crystal clear ice

If you do not want to get muddy ice cubes, simply boil water before freezing.

Make the fruit juicier

If you roll a lemon on the table, slightly pressing on it, you will get much more juice.

Upside Down Bottles

Store the bottles upside down in an egg carton so that the contents flow out faster. In addition, the bottles will not slip and fall at the refrigerator door every time.

Convenient bulk containers

Use empty container containers to store food that can be easily poured or poured (nuts, chocolate chips, honey, popcorn corn, flour, sugar).

Banana trick

Create banana slices before peeling it - surprise your friends and children. Insert the needle into the banana, turn left and right inside the banana. Remove the needle and repeat as many times as necessary. When your friend peels a banana, he will be amazed to find that he is already sliced.

If the dish begins to burn on top, and inside is still raw, carefully cover it with foil and continue cooking.

Frozen fruits and vegetables

This way you can freeze not only vegetables, but also fruits.

Easy to peel off tomatoes

Make an X-shaped notch at the bottom of the tomato and dip it in boiling water for 10 seconds. Then remove and peel when the vegetables have cooled sufficiently.

Use salt when boiling eggs

Here are a number of reasons why you should always have a supply of salt in the kitchen. Her possibilities are endless!
For example, it’s worth boiling eggs in salted water beforehand: after all, it will be much easier, faster and more pleasant to clean them from the shell. But this is not the only way to effectively use salt not for its intended purpose.

Getting rid of unpleasant odors in the kitchen with salt

Salt perfectly fights with various smells. In order to in plastic containers that are temporarily not used, there is no unpleasant smell, sprinkle in them on a pinch of salt: about any smell will not be and speech. By the way, if you find an unpleasant smell in a thermos, just rinse it with salt hot water. And perhaps the main life hacking: salt combined with lemon juice will remove any odor from any surface - be it a sharp aroma of garlic or the annoying smell of fish.

Increase the shelf life of dairy products by adding salt

You can extend the life of some dairy products: so, in order to keep the milk longer, add a small pinch of salt to the open bag, and so that the cheese does not spoil, wrap it in a cloth dipped in salt water and store in the refrigerator.

We do not pour out the used water

Water is the main helper in all sorts of kitchen wisdom.

With cooled water that remains after cooking pasta or potatoes, you can "feed" pot plants that decorate your kitchen. The fact is that such water will contain some mineral substances that will appeal to flowers and favorably affect their growth.

Heat candied honey

If you urgently need to melt the candied honey, put a container of honey in a bowl with very hot water.

Determine the freshness of eggs

One of the most popular among life hacking mistresses: determine the freshness of eggs by their position in the water during the cooking process. Eggs in the refrigerator do not spoil for a long time and often we forget about when they have expired. Everything is simple here: fresh eggs will boil, remaining in a position parallel to the bottom, as if looking at their ends in the walls of the pan, and spoiled - to emerge with a blunt end up (as in the picture).

Freeze natural sauce for all occasions

Fresh greens, which did not have enough space in the salad, freeze in the form of ice, filled with olive oil. So at any moment you will have on hand a terrific natural sauce, which, moreover, has retained all its vitamins and beneficial properties.

Use no ice cubes

One of the most elegant and at the same time practical advice: use ice molds for purposes other than the intended purpose.

If after dinner or holidays you have some wine left, which is now only in vain takes place in the fridge, find a worthy use for it. Freeze it in ice form, and then use frozen wine cubes as additives for soups and sauces.

We select the right company fruit and vegetables

Do not store a bunch of bananas next to other fruits. It is better not to store bananas in a bundle at all, but to separate them from each other, so that they stay fresh and yellow longer. The fact is that they emit ethylene gas, which makes other fruits and vegetables ripen faster.

We do not store everything in the refrigerator

Remember that some fruits are best kept away not only from each other, but also from the refrigerator.
The refrigerator is bad company for your tomatoes, citrus fruits and bananas: the latter will simply blacken and lose their mouth-watering appearance, and for tomatoes and, for example, oranges, the cold temperature will be harmful and will simply kill all the aroma and taste of these fruits.

Remove fat from the finished dish

Not calculated, and your soup or sauce turned out too fat? It does not matter: throw in a bowl in which your dish is brewed, an ice cube. He will attract all the fat that you can draw out.