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10 life tips on how to spend less time maintaining cleanliness in your home


Few people like to spend a lot of time cleaning.

So why not take advantage of some tricks that will reduce the hours for something important?

Only 10 tips, and ideas about the most unloved business can drastically change.

1. Ideally laundered plate

A clean stove is no longer a myth.

One of the most labor-intensive tasks in cleaning the house is to keep the cooking surface clean. Do you know what way professional cleaning services use in this case? An ordinary office eraser! With it, you can quickly and without difficulty get rid of fat on the stove or such small details as handles. A strong running plate will save lemon juice: wipe the surface with it and let it stand for 15 minutes, then we wipe it with a wet rag and voila, everything is perfect!

2. Gloss and cleanliness


Do you want the faucets in the bathroom and kitchen, as well as other chrome products to always shine like new ones? Then share with you one small trick. Wipe all surfaces with wax paper, even baking paper that is available to everyone can be used for this. This is not only beautiful, but also practical: you don’t have to scour a raid every time.

3. Clean joints between tiles

We care about the cleanliness of the bathroom.

Agree, a very unpleasant moment of cleaning. But we know two techniques with which you will become much easier. First, to easily clean and sanitize the joints between the tiles in the bathroom, in the kitchen or another room, you need to use a solution of warm water and hydrogen peroxide in proportions of 2: 1. Use a sponge or brush to clean the seams, you can not even wash off. Secondly, we remove mold, contaminated sites and dark deposits with the help of a usual paraffin candle. This will not only help in cleaning, but also prevent new pollution.

4. Banal, but incredibly important advice.

The main secret of order is the absence of disorder.

Do not leave everything to the appointed day of cleaning. Try to carry out small tasks every day: wash the dishes after a meal, do not throw things around the house, let them all be in their rightful places, wash your shoes when you return home. It is better to spend 5-10 minutes at once, than to postpone and then spend the whole day off for cleaning. Show willpower!

5. Stains on upholstered furniture

Get rid of the worst.

Put a stain on your favorite couch? Even with this you can easily cope! We make a magic tool: one tablespoon of soda and washing powder, 1/3 cup of vinegar, hot water (not boiling water). And sponge process the stain. When bright, prone to fading fabrics should reduce the proportion of vinegar. Soda will help to remove odors: sprinkle it on the right place with plenty of water, and then vacuum it.

6. Shutter for the bathroom - a hotbed of bacteria

Clean everywhere.

It is difficult to maintain in perfect cleanliness this important attribute of the bathroom. Even if you regularly dry the screen after taking a shower, an unpleasant plaque forms on it, and microbes remain. Quickly get rid of mold, harmful microorganisms and a yellowish tint will help a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water. It is convenient to apply solution by means of a spray. Some time after applying the curtain, you need to wash it thoroughly with the powder and dry it.

7. Large-scale threat

We care about clean and beautiful skin.

Constantly wet washcloths are fertile ground for the development of bacteria. To make them safe to use, you need to soak them in a solution of hot water and vinegar for 10 minutes at least once a week, then rinse thoroughly with water and allow to dry completely.

8. Clean effortless carpet

Stains are no problem now!

Remove even stubborn stains from coffee, wine or other beverages will help only one spoon of glycerin, which must be dissolved in a liter of cold water.

9. Advice for the most lazy

Food film saves from dust.

To not have to constantly wipe the surface of high cabinets, you can use food transparent film. It is not visible, and for cleaning you only need to change the old one to the new one. On lower shelves, use fabric softener diluted with water. Rubbing such a mixture of all horizontal surfaces, you will be able to wipe dust twice as rarely.

10. Crystal shine glasses

Perfect cleanliness and minimum of effort.

Simple manipulations will help to make glassware perfectly transparent: add a little vinegar to the water and rinse with a sponge, then, without wiping, let the liquids drain and dry.