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17 brilliant ideas for the home, how to aesthetically conceal unaesthetic household items from prying eyes


17 brilliant ideas for the home, how to aesthetically conceal unaesthetic household items from prying eyes

For the attention of readers 17 organic ideas for the home, a trough will help to hide from sight what might not have been shown just like that.

We hope that the collected tips will be useful to you too, enjoy your viewing and good mood.

1. Hidden potential

A box with a fixed electrical network is perfect for recharging electronic gadgets.

2. Ladder with a secret

Drawers for shoes and other small items, mounted under the stairs.

3. Leaf Cord

The cord of power supply, decorated with green leaves, perfectly defuse the strict decor in the interior.

4. Pet box

Dog bowls in a box - the original option to avoid accidentally tipping feed.

5. Cable hidden on miniature supports

Miniature power lines can intelligently hide interfering wires.

6. Red wire, which became part of the interior

The red wire of the power supply stands out in a contrasting shade against the dark wall.

7. The idea to save space

A bed with a drawer will become an indispensable part of the bedroom in a minimalist style.

8. Excellent alarm masking

If an alarm system is installed in your house, it can be hidden under a specially designed picture.

9. Painting with secret compartment.

The picture, which contains a secret compartment, where you can hide everything that should be hidden from prying eyes.

10. Universal remedy

The wireless modem can be hidden using the old book cover.

11. TV transforming into a picture

A brilliant solution for those who rarely use the TV.

12. A place to store books

A switched off battery in the summer can be a great place to store books.

13. Invisible shelf

The shelf, hidden in the wall, favorably emphasizes the advantages of a modern interior.

14. Secret lockers

Staircase with hidden cabinets, which will suit the taste of hostesses.

15. A dull transformation

A picture that can be transformed at any time into a coffee table.

16. Cloth covered with cloth

The rack closed by dense fabric ideally fits into a room interior.

17. Two in one

Ironing board, easily hiding in the wall cabinet.