Useful ideas

20 amazing home improvement ideas for a large family


Each of us needs to feel comfort and coziness when he comes home.

Therefore, do not underestimate the importance of literate and stylish housing arrangement.

In our review of 20 amazing ideas to modernize a family home.

1. Small refrigerator

A small refrigerator built into the kitchen cabinet is the perfect solution for a large family.

2. Hammock on the ceiling

If the ceiling height allows, you can pull the hammock under the ceiling.

3. Door-bookcase

The original idea and space saving is a door disguised as a bookcase.

4. Low drawers

Spacious drawers on the floor, which will significantly save space.

5. The "secret" room

If the house has a basement, you can equip it under the wine cellar, pantry or game room, and the entrance to it - disguise the usual table.

6. Shower for dogs

In the bathroom, you can equip a small angle under the shower stall for a four-legged pet.

7. Unusual cabinet

Store shoes or other items that take up a lot of space, it will be convenient in a hidden closet under the stairs.

8. Soft corner

Sofas placed in a square in a small artificial recess, make the room more comfortable and perfect for a large company.

9. Shelves under the stairs

To the space under the stairs was not wasted, you can equip there several shelves for books or other necessary things.

10. Podium in the interior

Artificial hill with built-in lockers and a pull-out bed.

11. "Secret" move under the stairs

The entrance to the basement can be hidden under the stairs.

12. Two dishwashers

Two dishwashers built into kitchen cabinets - the best solution for a large family.

13. Hidden room

Unusual rotating staircase that hides the entrance to the room.

14. Comfortable shower

In the shower you can put a wave-shaped bench on which it will be comfortable to sit and lie.

15. Huge bed

A huge bed in the whole room, where you can accommodate the whole family and relax comfortably.

16. A secluded place

The space under the stairs can be equipped with a small sofa and a lamp.

17. Photo wallpaper

Photowall-paper is capable not only to decorate the house, but also visually increase the space.

18. Pet Place

Place for pets can be equipped in a special recess of the dresser or table.

19. Bedroom for a large family

Stylish and extraordinary, bunk beds - the perfect solution for a large family.

20. Unusual chest of drawers

Chest with special compartments for socks, T-shirts, skirts and pants.