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Workplace in small-sized: 7 practical ideas and 30 vivid examples


Is it possible to find a place for a home office in a small apartment? Where and how to organize it? We have prepared a lot of interesting ideas and useful tips for those who work at home.

Owners of small apartments are always faced with the issue of organizing space. Especially when it comes to the workplace, which is not just to allocate an extra piece of area. And sometimes such a zone is not enough - someone takes a job at home, and some work at all without leaving the apartment. So, where to put the computer, and how to equip an improvised office?

1. In the corner

Corner workplace

Often the corners are ignored, even in small spaces. But they are able to help when you need to find a place for a compact workplace. Here you can put a corner table (good, modern furniture manufacturers offer a variety of options) or use a wooden tabletop instead. This option allows you to equip a workplace, even the most secluded corner in the apartment - behind the door, in the hallway or in the kitchen.

Workplace in the corner

Corner option saves great space

Corner table

2. Outdoors

Outdoor work better

Fresh air contributes to better brain activity. In the summertime, you can work on the open balcony, and a properly equipped loggia will allow you to work productively during the cold season. In many apartments, the balcony plays the role of a closet, unnecessary things are put here, thereby cluttering up the usable space.

If it is assumed that the office will be on the balcony all year round, then you need to warm it. It is advisable to lay a soft mat on the floor, and equip the place with additional open shelves. Furniture for such a space should be compact, and for a working person - comfortable. If nothing else is needed besides the computer, then the workplace can be performed in a minimalist style.

Workplace on a very small balcony

Minimalist workplace on the balcony

Home office on the balcony

3. On the windowsill

If the balcony does not work, you should pay attention to the window sills. First of all, the workplace will always be filled with natural light. If you need to place several jobs, you can make a kind of continuation of the window sill and equip the place with an additional plastic or metal worktop.

In order to work comfortably in the dark, it is necessary to hang several adjustable lamps on the height and position on the wall. The most advantageous option looks in the Scandinavian interior.

Workplace on the windowsill

Home office on the windowsill

On the windowsill you can equip several jobs

Sill as an alternative to the workplace

To work in the evening, the window sill is better equipped with an additional source of lighting

4. In the closet

Fans of out-of-the-box solutions will surely enjoy the workplace, equipped right in the closet. So the seemingly bulky piece of furniture, which was inherited from the grandmother, can be a great helper for those who work at home.

It is better to re-equip the interior of the cabinet to fit your needs - to make comfortable organizers, to make room under your feet, to make a sliding shelf for the keyboard. Such a workplace will actually look in any interior, and especially effectively the old wardrobe will fit into the vintage and rustic interior, and will also be appropriate in a space decorated in the style of Provence.

Workplace in the old cabinet

Cabinet converted to a home office

Corner cabinet serves as a home office.

Workplace in the rack

5. In a niche or storeroom

A study can be made even in an awkward niche that seems useless and visually spoils the space. Such a place is best equipped with drywall shelves. They are able to visually give depth to space, and if they are long and occupy most of the walls, they will visually expand the walls.

When it comes to saving space, you should pay attention to the little-used space in the apartment. For example, in some homes where storage systems are properly organized, there is no need for a storage room. She can become an improvised study. True, you need to think well about the lighting. It is advisable to equip such a workplace with built-in lighting, hang several compact wall lamps on the wall, put a lamp with a soft, directed light on the table.

Workplace in a niche

Workplace in the pantry

You can use a small niche for your home office.

It is best to equip a niche with open shelves.

The game of contrasts works to increase the visual space

6. Economy options

If there is very little space in the apartment, there is no possibility to apply the above ideas, then folding mini-offices will be able to help. Often they are compact hinged systems that, if necessary, turn into comfortable desks. They do not take up much space and are suitable for those who work behind a laptop.

Folding home office

Compact mini office

Comfortable functional piece of furniture

Stylish workplace in a small size

7. Little helpers

The real helpers in the design of the home office are mounted shelves, wall organizers, cups for pens and pencils. For the storage of small things and important notes useful magnetic, chalk, cork and plywood boards with holes. Also do not forget about the magnetic holders and clerical buttons.

But in order for a small home office to look more visually, it is fashionable to use a universal white color for it, as well as deep shades of gray, and pastel variations of blue, light green, and yellow are also suitable.

White color increases blurs the boundaries of space

An example of a workplace at home

Convenient organizer on the wall

Yellow color stimulates brain activity