Useful ideas

15 proven tips that will significantly simplify life


Everyone wants to solve the accumulated problems and make their lives easier. Because of this, most people spend a lot of money on gadgets and tools that they don’t really need.

In this case, few people know that there are many simple life hacking, with which you can do the same, but faster and without spending a lot of money.

1. Wax

Waterproof shoes: wax is useful.

As soon as canvas shoes get wet, it seems that they stay wet all the time. However, if you take a regular, odorless candle and carefully rub her shoes, then heat it with a hairdryer, the wax will disappear and act as a protective coating for shoes.

2. Marshmallow

Sore throat: help marshmallows.

There are several different ways to eliminate unpleasant sore throat. However, few people would have thought that you need to eat marshmallows or marshmallows. That's right, the gelatin in the marshmallow composition soothes the sore throat.

3. Green tea

Slimming: green tea is useful.

If someone wants to lose weight, he should drink 2 cups of green tea a day. Studies have shown that if people eat what they always eat, but they drink green tea, they lose an average of 1.3 kg in 12 weeks.

4. WD-40

Removing ink stains: WD-40 is useful.

If there are ink stains on the fabric, you can try using the WD-40. WD-40 is an industrial solvent that can remove ink. True, you need to be very careful because it can damage delicate tissues.

5. Silica gel

Prevent moisture damage: Use silica gel.

Practically everyone found tiny bags of silica gel in purchased clothing or shoes. So, do not throw them away. Instead, you need to find places in which moisture can cause damage, such as boxes in the bathroom, and put bags there.

6. Plastic bottle

Clogged toilet: a plastic bottle is useful.

Without a plunger on hand, it can be difficult to clean the toilet or sink when pipes are blocked. If you take a big bottle of water and cut off its top, you can use the bottle as a plunger.

7. Lipstick Sleeve

How to hide money: useful lipstick sleeve.

Many who are worried that he can steal pocket money when traveling abroad. One of the easiest ways to hide cash is to use an empty hygienic lipstick container. You just need to pull out of it "insides" and stick in their place bills, rolled up into a tube.

8. Drop "minus" down

Check alkaline batteries: drop "minus" down.

To find out if the alkaline batteries have discharged, you can throw them from a height of 15 cm on a flat surface "minus" down. If the battery rebounds once (or does not jump at all), then it is full. If it bounces off the table more than once, then the battery is discharged.

9. Dough in a bottle

Pancakes for a couple of minutes: the dough in the bottle comes in handy.

If you suddenly wanted pancakes, but do not want to spend time preparing the dough, you can use the harvested for the future. To do this, take a bottle of ketchup, rinse it, make the dough and pour it into the bottle. So always on hand will be ready to eat batter for pancakes. Just do not forget to keep it in the refrigerator.

10. Goggles for swimming

Cutting onions: swimming glasses will be useful.

While cutting onions for cooking, you should wear ... swimming goggles. Although it will look ridiculous, tears will not flow.

11. Suspended shoe rack

Organization of cleaning products: hanging stand for shoes is useful.

Most people shove all their cleaning products under the sink in the bathroom or in the closet, and then for a long time looking for the right tool. To fix this problem, you can take a hanging shoe rack and insert bottles of cleaning products in each slot.

12. Vinegar and salt water

Rusty tools: vinegar and salt water come in handy.

If there are rusty tools at home that are no longer used, you can not throw them away. Instead, soak them in a mixture of vinegar and salt water. You may need to clean the tools afterwards. Of course, when the rust disappears, be sure to dry the accessories.

13. Bright marker

Baggage search at the airport: a bright marker on the suitcase handle is useful.

To facilitate your search for baggage at the airport upon arrival, you must first wrap a suitcase handle with a bright piece of cloth. So you can immediately find out your suitcase, and someone else by mistake will not take it for your luggage.

14. Inverted sunglasses

Stand for a mobile phone: sunglasses are useful.

Often, when you want to watch a video, you need a convenient stand for your mobile phone. You can just take a pair of sunglasses and turn them over. Voila - everything is ready.

15. Nail polish

Colored keys: nail polish is useful.

If someone has a lot of keys in a bunch, and he is constantly looking for the right one at the moment, you can simply paint the tops of the keys with varicolored varnish. After that you just need to remember that, for example, red is the key to the apartment.